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BM AstraZeneca

Location: Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China
Job reference: R-002519
Posted date: Jan. 03, 2017


Key Result Areas

(in order of importance) % of Time Key Tasks Performance Indicators

Understands the customers and environment: conducts market research


  • Listens actively to customers
  • Identifies the need for market research (e.g. gaining customer insight, adoption tracking, test positioning and messages, message recall test, pricing etc.)
  • Prepares a comprehensive and clear market research brief
  • Analyses agencies’ proposal and identifies the right agency for research, manages and monitors research project with agency

·Analyses and interprets the research data presented to assist in strategic decision

  • Clear plan with detailed outputs, timelines and measures
  • Completion of research on time within budget
  • Correct identification of research elements and selection of research agency
  • Research data applied effectively to marketing plans
  • Impact measured by sales, market share, costs savings in line with plan

Formulates & develops marketing strategies, including 5-year IBR/Strategic Plan


  • Gathers market data on environment, epidemiology, customers & patients needs, treatment map, competitors.
  • Conducts situation analysis, with input from internal & external stakeholders.
  • Elaborates clear SWOT, resulting in identification of Key Issues .
  • Performs risk analysis, including NPV.
  • Formulates the Marketing Mix (product, price, place, promotion).
  • Develops forecasting based on patient dynamics for the planning period.
  • Develops positioning and communication strategies.

  • Alignment of strategic marketing plan objectives to sound market research findings
  • Plan reflects conclusions based on qualitative and quantitative data
  • Approval of marketing strategy by Marketing Manager/Director
  • Evidence of communication strategy/plan
  • Clear action plans
  • Clear measures of ROI

Implements the Marketing Strategy, through annual/cyclical plan of action (POA)


  • Involves medical, sales, regulatory team to input and validate communication, medical education tools.
  • Inline with plan, delivers, arranges, conducts and co-ordinates the implementation of critical external stakeholder activities including advisory boards, symposia, CME’s, exhibitions, conferences and meetings.
  • Monitors and measures implementation of the plan against agreed measures (i.e. market growth, AZ product growth and market share).
  • Manages the forecasting and inventory process to ensure correct stock levels
  • Understands and is familiar with P&L dynamics and maximises these to achieve profit goals

  • Activities as per plan completed for internal customers on time
  • Activities as per plan completed for external customers.
  • Feedback ratings from customers and sales team positive regarding events and activities held
  • Actual number of CMEs activities vs plan
  • IMS results and other external references against budget
  • Expense and A& P budgets; spend vs budget
  • Accuracy of forecast vs actual reflected by any stock outs or delays due to stock problems

Supports Sales team to deliver sales objectives & activities


  • Co-ordinates and conducts product training.
  • Develops creative product/brand campaigns reinforcing the positioning.
  • Designs and develops promotional materials reinforcing the product/brand positioning and competitive advantage.
  • Presents clear product and market strategy at cycle meeting to sales team.
  • Evaluates effectiveness of promotional material with field force then conduct Recall Test, and adjusts as necessary.
  • Manages and determines allocation of samples in line with product strategy, where relevant to the market.
  • Plans and conducts field visits with sales team to monitor market dynamics.

  • Sales team fully trained and functional on time and in line with plan, achieved at least 80% pass rates
  • Completed time in field to support and train sales team
  • Quality and timeliness of promotional materials accepted by sales teams, feedback positive from teams to PM
  • Presents clear strategies and plans at cycle meetings, obtains support and enthusiasm for plans from sales teams
  • Optimises sample allocation in line with the territories potential

Demonstrates high level of product knowledge and therapy area knowledge under responsibility


  • Takes initiative to maintain and upgrade product knowledge through sourcing for product information, reading clinical reports/publications, medical journals.
  • Identifies marketing opportunities based on medical information, market knowledge, and competitor knowledge.
  • Regularly updates knowledge and disease area by attending medical conventions, and KOL interaction
  • Understands treatment trends.
  • Builds and maintains global AZ network and relationships through attendance of regional/global workshops.
  • Able to demonstrate knowledgeable of products by discussing and educating on new studies/new information on product and disease.
  • Adapts marketing plan and strategies based on new learnings.
  • Attends at least 3 conventions/symposia annually as part of growing product knowledge
  • Presents competitor tracking system
  • Attends at least 1 regional/global workshop per year

Monitors performance and controls A&P budget


  • Tracks monthly performance vs Budget, and analyse reasons for gaps.
  • Reports performance against budget
  • Completes required monthly administrative submissions on time (market intelligence, activity vs plan, spend vs plan, etc).
  • Monitors and controls A&P budget.
  • Submits monthly report interpreting the actual vs budget achievement, interprets results as necessary
  • Completes documentation and administration accurately, on time and according in line with to the relevant policy
  • Allocates, measures and accountable for A&P budget.

Team effectiveness, including AZ network


  • Builds cross-functional team effectiveness with marketing, sales, regulatory, medical colleagues to ensure successful delivery of strategies.
  • Shares best practice and learning with marketing colleagues to build knowledge and competence.
  • Maintains good interpersonal relationships.
  • Takes responsibility for own personal development.
  • Interaction in team is positive and works as part of the team, behaviours are consistent with AZ performance culture.
  • Evidence of knowledge-sharing within team through meetings, email, group discussions.
  • Evidence of personal development plan in place
  • Plans and attends training and development programs